Center Pieces

unnamed-13I was asked to make center pieces for my cousin’s bridal shower in November. Though I’ve never made center pieces before, I was excited to come up with something for this special day. Typically fresh floral arrangements of this size range from $75-$115 per arrangement. I was able to make these for $19 an arrangement.

What I Used:

  • 10″ Cylinder Vases (Wal-mart for $3 a piece)
  • Hot Pink Sheer Ribbon (Michael’s Craft Store for $3 per roll)
  • Black Matte Spray Paint ($4 per can, any Home Improvement store)
  • Premium Blue Masking Tape ($5 per roll, any Home Improvement store)

*For the flowers I used White Hydrangeas, White Roses, and White Orchids which I was able to get Whole Sale (this saved me the most money).

-Each vase had 3 of each flower.

To decorate the vase:

1) Cover all parts of the vase that you wish to remain clear with the Blue Masking Tape.

2.) Lightly spray the remainder sections of the vase with the spray paint, use second coat if needed.

3.) Once dried, cut equal ribbon strips to the size bow you want and tie around vase. (use hot glue under knot of bow to secure placement, if needed.)





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